Crystal Parties (Hens’s Parties, Birthday Parties, House Warming or ANY type of party!!!!)  are the fastest growing area of my business!  You arrange a morning, afternoon or evening gathering for friends in your home.  I display a wide variety of good quality crystals and crystal jewellery – available at reasonable prices.

As a thank you, you select crystals to the value of 20% of the total crystal sales from the party.  This is a great opportunity for you to substancially increase your personal crystal collection – at no extra cost to you!

Most people who attend a crystal party will also book a psychic reading.  When six people book, this entitles you to a complimentary reading.  

So, make a list, call or email those friends and phone me on 0439 793 557 to book a party while I am in your area.

Psychic Parties are also very popular.  They have grown through the most unlikely circumstances.  The idea was born in Sydney when, by sheer coincidence (??) the one psychic reading booked soon became eight.  So the girls decided to get together at the one location.  I was asked to turn up early so I could enjoy my champagne breakfast before everybody else began to arrive!!

The party is held in your home and can begin at anytime – breakfast is good!!  You arrange the appointments, at hourly intervals, and your guests arrive throughout the day, bearing food and drinks applicable to that particular time of day.  I have learned that wine and champers are applicable at ANY time of the day but, be warned – this can sometimes lead to unexpected sleepovers!!  It’s always a fun day and a great way to catch up in a friendly (and very relaxed) atmosphere and receive some psychic direction as well.

I have good quality crystals and jewellery at reasonable prices for sale on the day.  As the host, as well as receiving your complimentary reading, you can increase your crystal collection no cost to you.  As a thank you, you chose crystals to the value of 20% of total crystal sales of the day.

The fee for each reading is $95 for approximately an hour.  I read your chakara colours and the angel cards.  Deceased loved ones are always keen to make their presence known and this gives great comfort to those of us left behind who want contact with them.  (I also do phone readings which take the same format and are just as accurate as a face to face reading.  The only one missing is you)!!!

So, make a list, email or talk to your friends and ring me on  0438 793 557 to book a great day filled with lots of fun and laughter.  

   Always Remember    

Keep Smiling and Look for those Sparkles in your Life


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