What an wonderful person you are Susie.  Your connection with my son who took his life at 16 was so comforting to me.  I always knew he was around but the messages he sent through you has made his presence more real.
Sam  –  Hobart  Tas

Susie, thank you so much for the lovely warm informative reading.  Your caring and goodness really shines through in your reading.  Keep sparkling.
Carolyn  –  Bendigo  Vic

I came because I didn’t believe the things my girlfiend said you told her.   What a shock!!  Great that my mate who died in a motorbike accident came through via you.  Now I am a believer.  Thanks for waking me up.
Matt  –  Dysart  Qld

What a “chance” meeting.  Not likely!!  Thanks for the great reading.  Can’t believe your connection to my Mum and brother on the other side.  So comforting.
Maria – Opito Bay  New Zealand

You are a fascinating person and a great inspiration.  You have been a great help and your attitude is a wonderful role model for the many people you come into contact with.  Thanks so much.
Andrew –  Lake Taupo  New Zealand

Susie Q – You are adorable and a blast.  I have met many types of people on my travels.  You are one of the sweetest versions and your spiritual life is uplifting to everyone you meet.  The reading was spot on.  Thanks.
Joy –  Christchurch  New Zealand

Very intuitive and poignant about so many parts of my life.  Your reading was excellent. Thanks.
Kirsten –  Rushcutters Bay  NSW

What an amazing woman you are.  You inspire me so much!!!!   Great reading.  Thanks.
Christine  –  Rushcutters Bay  NSW

I was feeling very anxious before my reading.  You are truly amazing.
Olivia  –  Canberra  ACT

Susie, you are the “real deal”.  Thanks.
Linda  –  Bendigo  Vic

Thanks so much for all the love you spread around.  The world is better because of you.  Keep up your wonderful work.
Gwen  –  Croydon  Vic

Susie, you belong to everyone.  Your heart is made of gold, your smile is worth millions, you are a special gem.  Keep spreading your sparkles.
Samuel  –  Launceston  Tas

Amazing.  You have taught me so much and helped me to expand and trust my inner peace and spirituality.
Raegan  –  Tarcutta NSW
(Workshop participant aged 14 years)

Thank you Susie.  Thank you universe for sending Susie to us.
Rhonda  –  Tarcutta  NSW

Susie, you sparkle and light up those around you.   Your reading and encouragement and positive thoughts to me have been invaluable.  Many, many, many thanks.
Jan  –  Mundulla  SA

Thanks for the great reading and your support.  You have made such a difference in my life in the past two days.  With your help I have renewed my faith in the universe.  Love and light.
Penka  –  Salisbury  SA

You are really cool and mysterious with the spirits and the angels.  Thanks for telling us about the spirit stories.  Lots of sparkly love from
Bayleigh  (11 years)  &  Caitlyn  (9 years)  –  Rockhampton  Qld

You uplift my spirit so much.  Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life.
Trisha  –  Rockhampton  Qld

Great reading.  Keep sparkling Susie.  The world could use more like you.
Kim  –  Proserpine  Qld

Thank you for a wonderful workshop.  Great to be in your fabulous energy.  You are a positive spirit.  Keep sparkling and shining your light so brightly.
Fiona  –  Mackay  Qld

Thank you Susie.  It was a great weekend workshop.  You have really opened my eyes.
Larissa  –  Mirani  Qld
(Workshop participant aged 16 years)

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